Istanbul New Airport host ACI Airport Exchange,
8-10 December 2015

This year’s ACI Airport Exchange takes place in Istanbul, hosted by İGA Havalimanı İşletmesi A.Ş – the company building the world’s biggest new airport.

  • 7 specialist airport conference streams

  • 2,500+ visitors

  • 150+ Exhibitors

  • 120+ Senior airport and air transport industry speakers

  • 2 Major Social Events hosted by Istanbul New Airport

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Special dedicated Istanbul New Airport Development Conference

In addition to the 6 specialist ACI Airport Exchange conferences, this stream is entirely dedicated to the €10.2 billion Istanbul New Airport project, featuring key figures from the leadership, design and procurement teams delivering this game-changing mega hub.

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The Istanbul New Airport Development Conference

Istanbul New Airport Development Conference

A flagship conference stream entirely dedicated to the €10.2 billion Istanbul New Airport project, featuring key figures from the leadership, design and procurement teams delivering this game-changing mega hub.

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The Istanbul New Airport Development Conference
Security and Border Control Summit

Security & Border Control Summit

Airports, airlines, regulators, government agencies and solution providers discuss progress in countering threats to air safety.

Conference theme: "Future-proofing your airport: Knowing and engaging effectively with the new threats, while engaging positively with the travelling customer."

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Security and Border Control Summit
Airport Operations & Safety Conference

Airport Operations & Safety Conference

Airport operations professionals meet to discuss the technology and strategy needed to deal with crisis, enhance safety and facilitate growth.

Conference theme: "Future-proofing your airport: Delivering safer capacity and operational efficiency through new technologies, great strategies, and partnerships."

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Airport Operations & Safety Conference
Airport Development & Environment Conference

Airport Development & Environment Conference

Speakers and panels discuss developing new and existing airport terminals, with a specific focus on sustainability.

Conference theme: "Future-proofing your airport: Sustainably maximising the life of new facilities and redeveloped infrastructure."

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Airport Development & Environment Conference
Facilitation, IT and Customer Service Conference

Facilitation, IT & Customer Service Conference

Insight into IT and customer service projects improving customer experience and efficiency, presented by senior leaders from airports, airlines and solution providers.

Conference theme: "Future-proofing your airport: Harnessing the technologies which will raise airport customer service to a whole new level."

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Facilitation, IT and Customer Service Conference
Digital Engagement Summit

Digital Engagement Summit

Lively discussion and case studies, focussed on pioneering efforts to delight airport passengers and smooth their journey through the terminal.

Conference theme: "Future-proofing your airport: In an era when a single trip can result in a cascade of communications on multiple platforms from airlines, airport, retail partners, etc. In what ways can meaningful and valuable engagement with passengers still be achieved?"

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Digital Engagement Summit
  • ACI Leadership and Change Summit

    Plus new for 2015 ACI Leadership and Change Summit

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Kotil-turkish-airlinesKeynote speech confirmed

Address title: “What are the global competitive implications of combining the world’s biggest airport with ‘the largest airline on Earth’? Istanbul New Airport is also the first entirely tailor-made mega-hub – so will it also be a mega-carrier’s dream?”

Dr Temel Kotil, General Manager and CEO, Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines logo


Confirmed speakers

  • Director Media & Communications

  • Director Information Technology & Telecommunications Business Unit

  • Director, Policy Coordination & Security

  • Manager, Smart Security

  • Manager, Safety, Capacity, ATM & Single European Sky

  • President of the Management Board

  • Security Director

  • Managing Director

  • SVP – Director Global Aviation

  • artist attached to

  • HR Director

  • High Performance Sports Director

  • Director of Environment & Sustainability

  • Global Director of Aviation + Transportation

  • General Manager

  • Manager, Security Strategy and Standards

  • Senior Vice President Ground Operations

  • Deputy Director General

  • Senior Advisor for ATM/Eurocontrol Relations

  • Summit Convenor

  • Global Managing Partner, Transport & Logistics Practice

  • Head of Security & Business Continuity

  • Member of the Board

  • Aviation Practice Leader and Divisional Director

  • Head of Customer Care

  • Senior Advisor

  • Operational Development

  • Senior Officer Security, Safety & Environment

  • Senior Solutions Architect

  • SVP of Technical & Environmental Services

  • Head of International Strategy Team, Aviation Security Division

  • Security Director

  • Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer

  • Senior ATM/Airport Advisor

  • General Manager and Chairman of the Board

  • Head of Security

  • Chairman

  • Chair, Technical and Operational Safety Committee

  • Head of Safety Intelligence and Performance Department and Deputy Director for Strategy and Safety Management

  • Director

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors

  • Chairman, Security Committee

  • Chief Commercial Officer

  • Chairman, Environmental Strategy Committee

  • Global Solutions Leader Airport Systems

  • Senior Manager Security Policy at Safety, Security & Environment

  • President

  • Head of Airside Operations

  • Head of Aviation Security

  • Group Chief Commercial Officer

  • President

  • Head of Auto, Telco & Travel, for Turkey,

  • Aviation Business Leader Europe

  • Director of Global Business

  • Director

  • Vice-President Commercial

  • Assistant Vice President, Aviation Security Unit

  • Director

  • Director Marketing

  • Senior Vice President - Development,

  • Deputy General Manager – Chief Business Development Officer

  • Chief Information Officer

  • General Manager Customer Service Academy

  • Senior Executive Advisor

  • Director Strategy and Policy

  • Director of SITA Lab

  • Director General

  • Head of Social Responsibility and Diversity

  • Deputy General Manager, Airport City

  • Regional Director

  • Director & Architect

  • Associate, Resilience, Security and Risk

  • Vice President, Operations

  • Chairman of the Board

  • General Manager and CEO

  • Managing Director

  • Airport Manager

  • Commercial Product Development Manager

  • Senior Research Fellow

  • Psychologist and Author

  • President & CEO

  • President

  • Aviation Sector Lead

  • CEO

  • Incoming Vice-Chair, Security Committee

  • Chief Infrastructure Officer

  • Director, Product Quality Control & Training

  • CIO

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors

  • CEO

  • General Manager and Chief Executive Officer

  • IT Director

  • Deputy Associate Administrator for Airports

  • Manager, Facilitation, Parliamentary Affairs and Regional Airports

  • Board Member

  • Director, Business Development EMEA

  • HR Director

  • Chairman, Facilitation & Customer Service Committee

  • CIO

  • Managing Director

  • CEO

  • Senior Advisor to CEO

“We’re taking off towards our highest dream. This year İGA is welcoming ACI and the global air transportation industry to Istanbul, to showcase to the world the vision and progress we have made in the development of our game-changing mega-hub project; Istanbul New Airport. This is the industry’s exclusive chance to preview the most important new hub between New York and Shanghai before the rest of the world arrives”

Nihat Özdemir, Board Member,
İGA Havalimanı İşletmesi A.Ş.

“The İGA-hosted ACI Airport Exchange will be the first major international event focused around this game-changing mega-hub and it is likely to draw significant interest from the global air transport industry, providing the first real chance for İGA and our partners to showcase the vision and the giant step towards the future that Istanbul New Airport represents.”

Mertol Genç, CEO
İGA Havalimanı İşletmesi A.Ş

“Just as Istanbul New Airport is one of the foremost hub projects in the world, the İGA–hosted ACI Airport Exchange, jointly organised by ACI EUROPE and ACI Asia-Pacific, will be one of the largest ACI events ever staged, and a great bridge of airport learning between East and West.”

Olivier Jankovec, Director General, ACI EUROPE

Patti Chau, Regional Director, ACI Asia-Pacific


ACI Airport Exchange is renowned for delivering the most diverse exhibition in the airport sector, showcasing the very latest products, services and solutions in the airport market, and uniquely securing visitors from all levels of airport and airline management from around the world.

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ACI Airport Exchange – the previous host airports:

timelineSince its launch in 2006 ACI Airport Exchange has established itself as the leading event in the airport development and operations calendar. ACI Airport Exchange is now ACI’s largest global event and, since 2011 has been jointly staged by ACI EUROPE and ACI Asia-Pacific.


The event is very well organised. There has been a good mix of conference topics, and I have appreciated that the conference has addressed emerging topics such as climate change. There have been good speakers, interesting topics, and good debate.

Andrew Watt

Head of Environment Unit


I like the size of the exhibition and have spoken to many of the suppliers. I have also enjoyed the focus of the conference presentations and the working sessions. There has been a lot of interaction and a good level of debate. The event is definitely addressing the right issues.

Thomas Hoff Andersson

Director Airport Optimisation

Copenhagen Airports

I have appreciated all of the conference presentations – they have been very interesting. There have been a lot of questions and a good level of debate in each session. ACI Airport Exchange is also very useful for networking – I have met many new contacts. It is good to be able to interact and share experiences at this event, in order to improve together. The spirit of the event is very nice.

Franck Mereyde

Managing Director

Paris-Orly Airport

It’s always good to be able to have that exchange of information and to network – because everybody does things differently. We all have airports and share common problems and it's great to hear peoples’ experiences, what works and doesn’t work, what people have tried and what’s coming down the line.

Michael McElvaney

VP Operations

Hamad International Airport

There is a lot to be learned at this event, and I have taken from Airport Exchange confirmation of many of the ideas that we have had in Norway. The IT & Facilitation conference in particular has been very good.

Jon Henrik Thorshaug

Head of Market and Business Development


All the aspects of aviation were covered – whatever area of aviation you are in this is the place to be. This is my first time attending Airport Exchange, and it will definitely not be my last. The conference has been very interesting, with a wide variety of exciting topics.

Sufyan F H Abbas

Security Controller Operations

Emirates Group Security