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ACI EUROPE Events Aéroports de Paris Aero Parker Aertec Air and Cosmos Airbus Airport Carbon Accreditation Airport Research Centre Amadeus Analogic Ultrasound Aviation Media Bosch Boschung Bruel & Kjaer Bruker Daltonik GMBH CAST Simulation Ceia Cobalt Lighting Concessionaire Analaysizer DSA Earth Networks eezeetags En-Visa Esri Eurocontrol Flir Gilardoni Gray Matter GTP Conseil ICTS Blue Solutons Implant sciences corporation Ion Air KAC Morpho Detection NEC Northrop Grumman Opto Secuirty ORS Detection ProAvia Rapiscan Routes Searidge Tech Securitas Smiths Detection T Systems Valis Engineering Verifavia Vision Box WSP WSP Zodiac Arresting Systems Zoll

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Official Media Partner Aéroport lemag Airport Suppliers Air and Cosmos
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Tuesday 4 November


Wednesday 5 November


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Free Exhibition Passes

Once more Airport Exchange will issue free passes to industry executives who solely want to visit the exhibition to view the latest technology and equipment in the marketplace.

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ACI Airport Exchange is renowned for delivering the most diverse exhibition in the airport sector, showcasing the very latest products, services and solutions in the airport market, and uniquely securing visitors from all levels of airport and airline management from around the world. As well as viewing the very latest security, baggage and passenger processing systems through to the latest airfield, apron and safety equipment, visitors will also see concepts and launches of brand new offerings that exhibitors believe will be ideal for the airport of the future.


Visit the Exhibition Seminar Theatre where leading industry suppliers will contribute their ideas to meet our event theme 'Best in Class' covering the following subjects:

• Security Solutions
• IT & Systems
• Development & Environment
• Airfield Operations
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Confirmed exhibitors include:

ACI EUROPE Events (B19)


Aéroports de Paris (C30)

Aéroports de Paris

Aero Parker (E25)

Aero Parker

Aertec (C37)


Air and Cosmos (E51)

Air and Cosmos

Airbus (C16)


Airport Carbon Accreditation (E36)

Airport Carbon Accreditation

Airport Research Center (C16)

Airport Research Centre

Agora Energy (D13)

Agora Energy

Amadeus IT Group SA (C19)


Analogic (E17)


Aviation Media (F26)

Aviation Media

Bosch Security Systems (C18)


Boschung (E37)


Bruel & Kjaer (E18)

Bruel & Kjaer

Bruker Daltonik GMBH (D40)

Bruker Daltonik GMBH

CAST Simulation (C16)

CAST Simulation

Ceia (E27)


Cobalt Lighting (E34)

Cobalt Lighting

Concessionaire Analyzer (B16)

Concessionaire Analaysizer

DSA Detection (C11)


Earth Networks (F1)

Earth Networks

eezeetags (E38)


Ennis-Flint (E15)


Envisa (D15)


Esri (D37)




Flir (D20)


Gilardoni (E35)


GrayMatter (A7)


GTP Conseil (E12)

GTP Conseil

ICTS (D28)


IER (E39)

Blue Solutons

IHS Janes Airport Review (A19)

IHS Janes

Implant sciences corporation (C9)

Implant sciences corporation

ionair (E7)


KAC (D42)


Morpho Detection Inc LLC (D5)


NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH (D29)

NEC Display Solutions

Northrop Grumman (B7)

Northrop Grumman

Opto Secuirty (C39)

Opto Secuirty

ORS Detection (B2)

ORS Detection

ProAvia (D16)


Rapiscan (C23)


Routes (A23)


Searidge Tech (C1)

Searidge Tech

Securitas (C29)


Smiths Detection (D12)

Smiths Detection

T-Systems International GmbH (D39)


Valis Engineering (E11)

Valis Engineering

Verifavia (D14)


Walkbase (B13)


WSP (E36)


VisionBox (D36)

Vision Box

Zodiac Arresting Systems (D45)

Zodiac Arresting Systems

Zoll (E24)

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Abu Dhabi Airports Company (18)


Bayanat Airports (30)


FWI - Four Winds Interactive (63)


Opto Security (62)

Opto Security

ACI airport economics and
finance conference & exhibition (32)

ACI airport economics and finance conference & exhibition

BDI Blast Deflectors, Inc.(51)


Gilardoni (03)


Rapiscan (21))


Aéroports de Paris (12)

Aéroports de Paris

Brüel & Kjær EMS (49)

Brüel & Kjær EMS

IKUSI (66)


UBM Aviation (1)

UBM Aviation

Airbus (27)


Ceia (06)


INFORM Gmbh (58)


Siemens (55))


Airest (7)


CEM Systems (02)

CEM Systems

Larsen & Toubro Limited (50)

Larsen & Toubro Limited

Simtra & Airport Research Center (46)

Simtra & Airport Research Center

Airport Business (39)

Airport Business

Cobalt Light Systems (61)

Cobalt Light Systems

Lindner (5)


Smiths Detection (10)

Smiths Detection

Airport Carbon Accreditation (44)

Airport Carbon Accreditation

Cooper Crouse - Hinds (66)

Cooper Crouse

Logica (4)


TAMAS Projects (34)

TAMAS Projects

Airpo-Tech (51)


Crisplant Beumer Group (35)

Crisplant Beumer Group

Human Recognition Systems (23)

Human Recognition Systems

ThermoFisher (15)


Airport Cities (40)

Airport Cities

DHF Airport systems(41)


Med First (16)

Med First

TMT - The Mobile Terminal (51)

TMT - The Mobile Terminal

Amor Group (36)

Amor Group

DSA Detection (59)

DSA Detection

Mideast Data Systems (53)

Mideast Data Systems

UFIS Airport Solutions (22)

UFIS Airport Solutions (39)

Dubai Technology Partners (22)

Dubai Technology Partners

Morpho (60)


Unitechnik (13)


AOptix Technologies (20)

AOptix Technologies

Esri (17)


Munich Airport (47)

Munich Airport

Vanderlande (33)


Arinc (25)


Expresso GmbH (37)

Expresso GmbH

NILI Communications International (34)

NILI Communications International

VOTI Inc. (34)


Astrophysics LTD (8)/p> >Astrophysics LTD

Flex-o-lite (42)


NIIT (19)


ATRiCS (38)


FTE - Future Travel Experience (39)

Future Travel Experience

Northrop Grumman (52)

Northrop Grumman
View 2012 exhibitors

auto bag drop (17)


ACI World (51)


Advanced Clean Production Information Technology AG (106)


Adecs Airinfra BV (119)


Aéroports de Paris (34)

Aeroports de Paris

Aertec (128)


Airbus (47)


Airport Exchange 2013 (99)

Airport Exchange 2013

Airport Carbon Accreditation (55)

Airport Carbon Accreditation

Amor Group (140)

Amor Group

Airport Cluster Finland (31)

Airport Cluster Finland

Airport Research Center (68)

Airport Research Center

Analogic (26)


Automatede Retail Concepts (44)

Automatede Retail Concepts

Aviation Media (59)

Aviation media

Aviavox (32)


Bagdrop (44)


BM Services (108)

BM Services

Boon Edam (14)

Boon Edam

Bosch (65)


BPI (139)


Bruel and Kjaer (39)

Bruel and Kjaer

bsquared (44)




Casper (Innovation Showcase)


Catecar Group (50)


Cavotec (62)


Ceia (124)


Cobalt Light Systems (67)

Cobalt Light Systems

Concessionaire Analyzer+ (151)

Concessionaire Analyzer+

Crowd Vision (105)

Crowd Vision

De Leeuw Ltd – ATCT
Shading (3)

de leeuw

Deerns (32)


DHF Airport Systems AB (63)


DMI (32)


Dornier Consulting GmbH (104)


DSA (41)


Dutch Innovative Airport Solutions (44)

Dutch Innovative Airpot Solutions

Esri (76)


Fentress Architects (96)

Fentress architects

Flir (144)


Four Winds Interactive (71)

Four Winds Interactive

Front Security (3)

Front Security

Gama Dinamic (98)

Gama Dinamic

GrayMatter Software Services Pvt. Ltd. (18)

Gray Matter

Gilardoni (38)


HITT (32)


Human Recognition Systems (1)

Human Recognition Systems

ICM (17)


IHS Jane's Airport Review (109)

IHS Jane's Airport Review

intos (44)


Iport (Innovation Showcase)


Kone (100)


Lindner AG (37)

Lindner AG

Met Office (69)

Met Office

Morpho (16)


NACO (13)


Netherlands Airport Technology group (NAT) (32)


Net Display Systems (126)

Net Display Systems

NLR (Innovation Showcase)


Northrop Grumman (118)

Northrop Grumman

Robin (Innovation Showcase)




Rapiscan (152)


NICE Systems UK Ltd. (73)


Routes (56)


Scarabee (44)


Smiths Detection (30)

Smiths Detection

Siemens (100)


Sleepbox (80)


SRI International Sarnoff (117)

SRI International Sarnoff

Securitas (130)


ST Electronics (112)

ST Electronics

TMT The Mobile Terminal ® (74)

Human Recognition Systems

Vanderlande (102)


YAP Systems (53)


XpresSpa (57)


Zodiac Aerospace (49)

Zodiac Aerospace
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ACI Europe Events (03)

ACI Europe

Airport Carbon Accreditation (80)

Airport Carbon Accreditation

ADB (173)


Amor (199)


Analogic (56)


ARC (67)


Aviation Media (27)

Aviation Media

Bemo (102)


Beumer Group (89)

Beumer Group

BISA (87)


Bruel and Kjaer (73)

Bruel and Kjaer

Bruker (194)


CAST Airport Simulation (67)


CCM Airports (180)

CCM Airports

Ceia (186)


COFELY BESIX Airports & Logistics Services (93)


Concessionaire Analaysizer (72)

Concessionaire Analaysizer

Doha International
Airport (99)


DSA (202)


DTP (52)


Esri (19)


Flex-O-Lite (170)

Flex o lite

Flir (66)


Gilardoni (82)


GrayMatter (121)


KAC (54)


Morpho (192)


NATS (193)


Northrop Grumman (85)

Northrop Grumman

Opto Security (113)

Opto Security

Parsons (74)


Perin Generators (196)

Perin Generators

Permasteelisa (198)


Qlean Air (17)

Qlean Air

Rapiscan (55)


Routes (09)


Safegate (174)


Searidge Technologies (111)

Searidge Technologies

Smiths Detection (95)

Smiths Detection

TAV (88)


ThyssenKrupp (84)

Thyssen Krupp

TOP (122)


Vision Box (172)

Vision Box

Western Advance (71)

Western Advance

Amor Group Exhibitor profile

AmorChallenges facing airport operators are no longer simply about processing passengers as quickly as possible and ensuring flights depart on time. Major hubs are embracing the notion of the Next Generation Airport, where they can get an accurate picture of every facet of their operation as and when they need it, in real time. There are multiple drivers for airports to embrace this Next Generation concept, with maximising terminal capacity and non-aviation revenue key.

Amor Group is a specialist provider of core airport operational systems key to the Next Generation Airport via the Chroma Airport Suite. Chroma provides a fully integrated set of operational systems that allow operators to establish and monitor service levels, enabling increased performance and efficiency across the airport.

Central to Chroma is Amor's unique Airport Collaboration Database or AC DB. Taking the experience of delivering AO DB solutions for more than a decade, the AC DB collates data from across the terminal to deliver truly passenger focused operations.

Whether it's helping Dubai Airports run the world's largest airport service delivery measurement programme, enabling Avinor to run the entire Norwegian airport network more efficiently, or supporting Toronto Pearson in delivering a premier guest experience; the world's most ambitious operators chose Chroma.

Analogic Exhibitor profile

AnalogicAnalogicAnalogic Corporation (NASDAQ: ALOG) provides leading-edge healthcare and security technology solutions to advance the practice of medicine and save lives. Analogic's Security business provides innovative aviation security solutions to our partners. Since the installation of our first explosives detection system (EDS) in 1998, we have deployed approximately 1,200 state-of-the-art computed tomography (CT)-based systems in over 30 countries.

We market our premium checkpoint CT system, the COBRA®, directly to airports and government customers. The COBRA was designed to provide superior security effectiveness, higher throughput and lower operating costs for airports. In addition, the COBRA's 3D images enable LAGS and laptops to remain in carry-on bags, which minimizes divestiture and improves passenger throughput and experience.

In March 2013, the COBRA became the only system to meet the Standard 2 detection level in Type D & D+ operations. In July 2013, the COBRA was also approved by the UK Department for Transport (DfT) as an Advanced Cabin Baggage X-ray (ACBX) system.

With 14 years in the aviation security business, Analogic understands that higher throughput means that airports can do more with fewer scanners.

Smiths Detection Exhibitor profile

Smiths DetectionSmiths DetectionWhen reliable, high quality security systems are required to screen carry-on or hold baggage, Smiths Detection's latest X-ray solutions for automatic explosives detection are said to be the answer.

The HI-SCAN 10080 XCT is its next generation high speed scanner for checked baggage. It combines a dual-energy X-ray line scanner with full 3D volumetric Computed Tomography (CT ) and provides a high belt speed of 0.5 metres per second, enabling it to handle up to 1,800 bags per hour. Its large tunnels size can screen bags of 100x80cm, which offers great potential for operational cost savings. This premium X-ray system meets the EU EDS (Explosives Detection Smiths Detection Systems) Standard 3, required by European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC ).

To screen carry-on baggage and personal belongings at the security checkpoint, the HI-SCAN 6040-2 is Smiths Detection's advanced X-ray inspection system which offers an operator-friendly interface, a compact footprint and weighs less than 850kg, providing more flexibility for installation into areas with limited space.

Both solutions provide high throughput and generate excellent, high quality dual view images, making it easier for the operator to detect explosives and identify illegal or dangerous objects that pose a threat to our society.

DSA Detection Exhibitor profile

DSADSADSA Detection manufactures and distributes its own brand of compatible DHS approved consumable products used in the operation and maintenance of Smiths Detection and Morpho Detection electronic trace detection (ETD) instruments operated by homeland security agencies and the military. DSA also manufactures precise training aids and test articles that verify security checkpoint X-ray DSA Detection DSA Detection manufactures and distributes its own brand of compatible DHS approved consumable products used in the operation and maintenance of Smiths Detection and Morpho Detection electronic trace detection instruments. and walk-through metal detector systems properly detect IEDs and weapons. Its superior products and services coupled with DSA's indepth ETD and threat recognition training are said to make DSA the best single source for all checkpoint needs.

DSA Detection is located in North Andover Massachusetts, just outside Boston, with distribution from Salt Lake City and London. DSA serves all international markets with over 23 representatives.

Korea Airports Corporation Exhibitor profile

KACKACKAC offers creative solutions for airport construction, operation, navigational aid equipment, and training courses accumulated from 30 years of experience of operating airports. Through these creative solutions, from the feasibility study to the master plan that encompass all angles of airport management, KAC makes an airport that is customised to customer's needs. KAC operates 14 airports and Air Route Traffic Control Centres, as well as 10 VOR Tactical Air Navigation Control Centres. KAC takes into account the airport size and number of passengers in order to maximise user convenience and operation efficiency and starts from the planning stage, also considering the operation method, application technology, and environment in order to find the strategy that best fits the customer's needs.

Gimpo International Airport, operated by KAC , ranked number one middle size airport in airport service quality by ACI for the third consecutive year, receives high satisfaction and trust from the local residents as well as government and clients by efficiently managing civil engineering, aviation, plant, and electric power facilities, and also by spending a lot of effort to manage aircraft noise in the airport vicinity.

Especially, KAC has self-developed digitalised navigational aids. This R&D product line has been acknowledged globally as convenient and trustworthy because it is made by an operator who knows the airport the best.

KAC genuinely hopes for its business partners, who are furthermore its customers, to grow and develop, and also to walk by their side as a coexisting and co-prospering partner and friend.

Beumer Group Exhibitor profile

Beumer GroupBeumerBEUMER Group brings together two powerhouse brands within baggage handling – Crisplant and BEUMER. Together they have what is said to be an unmatched reference list, including some of the world's largest airports. Their combined integration know-how and technical capabilities allow BEUMER Group to excel at every step of the process – from concept, analysis and design to integration, maintenance and lifecycle support.

BEUMER Group Middle East will showcase integrated end-to-end baggage handling systems using the CrisBag® tote-based conveyor system, which was developed by BEUMER Group company, Crisplant. The system uses the concept of transporting 'one bag per tote; one tote per section' to enable each item of baggage to remain in the same tote from check-in, through the sorting and screening processes. Modularity and ease of integration, combined with sophisticated adaptive tote tilting for static BEUMER Group BEUMER Group Middle East has the experience and expertise to approach every project individually and in the context of specific BHS requirements. and dynamic tilting at baggage discharge, has led to the installation of CrisBag® systems in international airports such as Munich, Helsinki, Singapore, Calgary and Düsseldorf.

BEUMER Group Middle East has the experience and expertise to approach every project individually and in the context of specific BHS requirements. This means we are at home in all environments, from the largest airport hub, to terminals looking for cost-effective, quality baggage handling.

Bruker Detection Exhibitor profile

BrukerBrukerThe new Bruker DE-tector is the latest innovation in trace drugs and explosives detection. It is the first table top device with a combined non-radioactive ionisation source and a unique third generation twin tube IMS design.

DE-tector has been designed and built to meet the needs of the market, combat current and emerging threats; whilst maintaining the high quality and reliability expected of Bruker products at a competitive price.

The innovative twin tube system enables dual drugs and explosive detection and does not split the sample, meaning no dilution and greater sensitivity. DEtector has been designed with the operator in mind and is simple to use and maintain with low through life costs. Bruker Detection enters the aviation security market with 30 years of experience in IMS technology for adjacent applications and wants to expand the DE-tector product line into the market of handheld explosives and drugs detection in 2014.

Brüel & Kjær Exhibitor profile

Bruel and KjaerBruelBrüel & Kjær is a leading supplier of noise management and community engagement tools and services for airports. Its systems and services help expand environmental capacity; the constraints put on an airport, not by infrastructure, but by the local community. NoiseDesk – Noise Management Made Easy.

NoiseDesk is a web-based airport noise monitoring application. Instead of delivering a mountain of data to sift through, NoiseDesk informs you of what needs attention. Airport staff work with an easy-to-learn, task focused interface, while ANOMS and Brüel & Kjær manage the background data collection and processing.

WebTrak – Community Engagement. Transparent and open engagement with the local community significantly increases goodwill. WebTrak is a dynamic, live and interactive public noise and flight display system that gives users the ability to view noise and flight data around the airport, search and replay historical data, view graphs and reports, and lodge complaints directly to the noise office if further investigation is necessary. WebTrak significantly reduces the number of complaints made to the noise office by enabling community members to self-investigate.

WebTrak MyNeighbourhood – Helping Communities Understand Airport Noise. With new noise metrics for better understanding of airport noise impact, WebTrak MyNeighbourhood enables the public to explore noise and flight information and view how this has changed over time.

Ceia Exhibitor profile

CeiaCeiaCEIA is a leading manufacturer of Security Metal Detectors with more than 40 years of experience. CEIA Metal Detectors for airport security comply with the requirements specified by the competent authorities providing automatic detection of metal targets/threats over the entire body, even in cavities, and the maximum flow-rate thanks to unsurpassed discrimination of personal metal belongings. In order to increase the security and the throughput of an Airport Security Checkpoint, additional equipment provided by CEIA includes the SAMD Shoe Analyzer and the EMA Bottled Liquid Scanner.

For Cargo Screening CEIA also offers a solution designed to drastically improve the screening of non-metallic commercial cargo such as produce, seafood, meats, printed materials, flowers and apparel. The EMIS (Electro- Magnetic Inspection Scanner) quickly and accurately screens packages or pallets using a harmless, low intensity electromagnetic CEIA Metal Detectors for airport security comply with the requirements specified by the competent authorities providing automatic detection of metal targets/threats over the entire body, even in cavities. field to ensure there are no explosive devices hidden within. This method of inspection does not require visual interpretation of an image, unlike typical X-ray scanners. Threats can be identified throughout the entire stack of cargo minimising operator interaction with the goods.

Morpho Detection Exhibitor profile

MorphoMorphoFor more than 20 years, Morpho Detection has been developing, installing and servicing advanced solutions that detect explosives, narcotics and other threats at airports worldwide. Today, some of the most widely deployed solutions at airports, including walk-through metal detectors, X-ray machines, and body scanners only identify anomalies – and don't detect the presence of explosives. Morpho Detection believes more advanced technology explosives detection is needed at all entry points into the global aviation system – passenger checkpoint, checked bag screening and air cargo to significantly reduce the risk of concealed explosives being loaded onto a plane. Visit the Morpho Detection booth for:

  • Demonstrations of solutions widely deployed at leading global airports to detect explosives, including CTX 5800 DSi™ compact explosives detection system (EDS), and Itemiser® DX desktop explosives trace detector (ETD)
  • Briefings on XDi™, Morpho Detection's Type D checkpoint solution, which will allow passengers to leave liquids in containers and inside bags for screening at checkpoints. Currently under development at Morpho Detection's R&D centre in Hamburg, Germany, XDi will be available for commercial demonstrations in 2014, with deployment anticipated in 2015.

DTP Exhibitor profile

DTPDTPDTP is a leading aviation services provider in the MENA region. It specialises in developing solutions for clients across the aviation industry, backed by 16 years of experience in delivering Special Aviation Systems, system integration, project management, support and training to a wide range of airports and airlines.

DTP is eager to introduce its new Cloud Computing solution Airtilus™, the multi airport operation management system in the Cloud. This offers its clients a cost effective and scalable solution to manage their airport(s) operations. Airtilus™ services include AO DB, Flight Information Management, RMS, FIDS, MIS and Integration platform. It supports multi-airport operation processes end to end.

DTP is also revealing its Hub and Connection Management solution for Airlines and Ground Operators, a solution that has improved the efficiency of multiple international airlines and is currently under implementation in Emirates Airlines. Furthermore, it is displaying its flagship product U-FIDS™, a Flight Information Display System that is so robust and advanced it will capture customers' attention.

The MENA region is one of the most potentially lucrative and fastest growing markets in the world. This growth is clearly reflected by the number of large expansion projects that airports and airlines are going through. DTP's DTP is introducing its new Cloud Computing solution Airtilus™, the multi airport operation management system in the Cloud. strategic relationships and location gives it an edge in being in the centre of where the action is taking place.

Rapiscan Systems Exhibitor profile

RapiscanRapiscanAt the 2013 ACI Airport Exchange Exhibition, Rapiscan Systems will be showcasing the RTT110 (Real Time Tomography) ultra-high speed hold baggage screening solution.

Meeting the ongoing threat to airline security, Rapiscan continues to invest into research and development to build solutions that offer stateof- the art security screening technology to meet the most demanding standards for threat detection. The Rapiscan Systems RTT baggage screening solution is the first ultra-high speed system to pass the ECAC Standard 3 threat detection test, the highest standard for the detection of baggage-borne explosive threats.

The RTT system is a revolutionary liquid explosive detection technology with the detection Rapiscan Systems will showcase the RTT110 (Real Time Tomography) ultra-high speed hold baggage screening solution at the 2013 ACI Airport Exchange Exhibition. capability of Computerised Tomography (CT ) and can screen baggage at speeds of up to 1,800 bags an hour. The innovative design of a non-rotating gantry reduces the level of maintenance required and allows operators to generate detailed 3D images of the scanned item. Furthermore, the RTT system's resolution and reconstruction process not only delivers optimal performance for the detection of prohibited materials but it generates fewer false alarms, which improves baggage handling efficiency and throughput, whilst lowering operational costs. RTT can also detect density levels in liquids, alerting the operator to potentially concealed explosives.

Gilardoni Exhibitor profile

GilardoniGilardoniGILARDONI was established in 1947 with a mission to design and manufacture advanced X-ray and ultrasound equipment for Security, Non- Destructive Testing (NDT) and Medical applications. Based in Mandello del Lario, Italy, and with products installed and serviced worldwide, GILARDONI is supported by a global network of distributors.

GILARDONI offers a complete line of X-ray based luggage screening systems for security applications, ranging from small hand baggage control systems to systems for large objects. GILARDONI offers a complete line of X-ray based luggage screening systems for security applications, ranging from small hand baggage control systems to systems for large objects. Multi-energy X-ray technology meets EU scanning and inspection requirements, and is used worldwide in airports, ports, cruise ships, public and private buildings, mail rooms and customs facilities.

Single view system FEP ME 640 and compact design multiview FEP ME 640 AMX equipped with the Liquid Explosive Detection hardware and software module meet ECAC performance standard as LEDS Type C Standard 2.

Multiview X-ray images simulator and operator workstation will be on display during the show.

Searidge Technologies Exhibitor profile

Searidge TechnologiesSearidgeVisit the Searidge Technologies, where the company will showcase how its innovative surface management solutions can address airports' operational needs, such as:

  • Air traffic lighting control
  • Apron management, gate assignment and billing
  • Intrusion detection
  • Centralised operations
  • Incursion prevention

Searidge's extensive knowledge of airport operations, coupled with its advanced engineering capabilities, offer airports:

  • Decision support tools for enhanced situational awareness
  • Live summary of core operational information
  • Increased airport efficiency and capacity
  • Higher throughput on the airfield
  • Smoother aircraft hand-off
  • More efficient use of human resources
  • Reduced operator workload, and decreased airline/airport-operating costs.

Searidge has been bringing airport and ATC - grade solutions and services to market for over a decade. Its solutions have been selected by leading airports around the world to improve safety, efficiency and throughput of their airside operations. Some of its airport customers include Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, NAV CANA DA/ London International Airport, Dubai Airports, and Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport.

COFELY BESIX Airports & Logistics Services Exhibitor profile

CofelyCofellyCOFELY BESIX Airports & Logistics Services is recognised as a global leader in the operation and maintenance of airport facilities, including:

  • Baggage Handling Systems – BHS;
  • Baggage Security Screening – HBSS;
  • Passenger boarding bridges;
  • Aircraft guidance systems;
  • Facility and energy management.

COFELY BESIX Airports & Logistics Services Airport Group operates in more than 25 airports, including Boston-Logan, Louisville Kentucky, Montreal Pierre-Elliott- Trudeau, Paris Charles-de-Gaulle, Athens, Brussels, and London Gatwick. In cooperation with key partners,COFELY BESIX Airports & Logistics Services also handles the purchase and financing of airport facilities and equipment for replacement or procurement projects.

In airports, timing and availability of quality services for passengers and air carriers is vital. With this in mind, COFELY BESIX Airports & Logistics Services can provide personalised, sustainable operating and maintenance solutions at a competitive cost; solutions under results-based agreements that can include several service levels. COFELY BESIX Airports & Logistics Services guarantees an effective and efficient operations and maintenance mode.

Its expertise extends to several other technical fields, such as HVAC systems, electrical facilities, building control systems, sanitary systems, security systems and fire protection and detection systems, communications systems, access controls, etc.

From conceptual engineering to installation and maintenance, it has the expertise to take on multi-technical and customised airport projects.

Concessionaire Analyzer + Exhibitor profile

Concessionaire AnalaysizeroncessionaireAirports around the world are increasingly focusing on non-aviation sector revenues to boost profitability. And as airports continue to rely on retail and F&B for the maximisation of revenue, so does the importance of such revenue management grow.

Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA +) is the first software solution designed specifically to allow airports to maximise and optimise their revenues from retail and F&B operations. This innovative solution currently handles five main elements:

  • Collection of sales data from retail and F&B concessions with which flight and passenger information can also be connected;
  • Management of concession agreements, details of revenue shares, minimum guarantees, rents and additional charges;
  • Calculation of revenue shares on sales and subsequently billing to concessionaires;
  • Business intelligence allowing airports to assess performance, calculate sales per passenger per flight, by destination, carrier and gate. This enables operational decisions to be taken, benchmarking concessions against others and enabling measurement of specific operational and marketing tactics; and
  • Airport.POS – optional point-of-sale software solution that directly integrates with CA +.

CA + collects data either at category total levels or at a transaction level, allowing the richest form of analysis to be extracted. This invaluable retail intelligence enables airports to understand retail flows better and to undertake more effective negotiations with carriers and concessionaires, as well as to optimise the retail mix within the airport.

Tav Construction Exhibitor profile

TAVTAVTAV Construction was established in 2003 with the vision to become a leading brand in airport construction and has became a reputable brand in construction industry by undertaking projects worth more than US $ 16 billion in total contract value in less than a decade. Featuring futuristic buildings and ultra-modern airports which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, TAV Construction has distinguished itself by its excellence, high-caliber work, enthusiasm, ambition and completion of projects in record time. TAV Construction completed Istanbul Ataturk and Ankara Esenboga Airports, Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal and Alanya Gazipasa Airport projects in Turkey as well as Tbilis and Batumi in Georgia, Enfidha-Hammamet in Tunisia, Skopje and Ohrid in Macedonia and Cairo Airport Passenger Terminal projects in Egypt. Doha Hamad Airport Passenger Terminal Complex, Abu Dhabi Airport Midfield Terminal Complex, Madinah Airport New Passenger Terminal Building, Jeddah Airport Aircraft Maintenance Hangars, Muscat Airport Runway and Infrastructure Works, İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport New Domestic Terminal and Dubai Marina-101 Hotel and Residences are the ongoing projects of TAV Construction.. Recently, TAV Construction has been announced as the world's fourth largest airport contractor by Engineering News Record (ENR) magazine.

NATS Exhibitor profile

NATSNATSNATS leads the aviation industry in business and technological development, offering wide ranging expertise and innovative services to meet the on-going challenges of airports, airlines, governments and ANSPs. Our services are proven in the world's most complex airspace and provide our customers around the world with a valuable commercial focus. Backed by the substantial resources of the organisation, we are constantly seeking innovative ways to manage every aspect of air traffic, helping our customers perform and grow with maximum safety and efficiency. As the leading commercial ANSP in Europe, we are able to back up our depth of experience with market leading solutions and have built our reputation on delivering a broad portfolio of first rate, safe and efficient services, tackling some of the most complex projects in the industry in the busiest airspaces in the world.

CCM Exhibitor profile


C.C.M. Airport Equipment is a privately owned company, founded in 1981 in Bergamo, Italy.

C.C.M.'s head-office is based in Truccazzano MI, Italy, and affiliated offices have been established in Beijing, Singapore and Qatar.

C.C.M. specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of interior products and systems for Airports, Metro/Railway Stations and Ferry Terminals, and is a project-oriented organisation, capable of handling a totally integrated package of interior furnishings, finishes and fittings.

C.C.M.'s impressive airport interior project references in various parts of the world show added capability of working around the globe with more than 300 projects.

C.CM.'s programme of products and systems consists of counters, operator consoles, canopy structures and backwalls, signage, miscellaneous furnishings, finishes and fittings.

CCM's main projects are:

  • Doha - Qatar Intl. Airport
  • UAE - Dubai Intl. Airport
  • France - CDG Intl. Airport T1 2E, S3
  • Italy - Milan Malpensa Intl. Airport – T1
  • Italy - Rome Fiumcino
  • Italy – Ciampino Intl Airport
  • Netherlands - Amsterdam Schiphol Intl. Airport
  • Hong Kong – Check Lap Kok Sky Plaza Intl. Airport
  • India – New Delhi Intl. Airport
  • Singapore – Changi Intl. Airport T1,T2,T3
  • Thailand – New Bangkok Intl. Airport
  • China – Beijing Intl. Airport T3
  • China – Shanghai Intl. Airport

ESRI Exhibitor profile

ESRI Esri's geographic information system (GIS) software supports aviation organizations worldwide. Airport managers are discovering that GIS technology is an excellent tool that provides unique information and analytical capabilities not available in other individual information systems.

Esri offers a suite of software that integrates spatial data with airport facility management systems, planning and noise modeling systems, databases and CAD systems, weather surveillance systems and other satellite-based data collection systems. Because Esri's GIS software integrates existing IT systems, including ones that are not normally compatible, airport managers are able to analyze data across departmental boundaries and easily share, and use, real-time data for critical operations.

The efficiencies gained through Esri's system integration result in huge savings through improved workflow communication. See how Esri's GIS software can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your airport's planning and operations at

WESTERN ADVANCE Exhibitor profile

Western AdvanceWESTERN ADVANCEAt Airport Exchange 2013, Western Advance will be showcasing the latest LS10 liquid, aerosol and gel scanner technology, and demonstrating its easy to operate and quick detection capabilities. The LS10 is ECAC Standard 2, Type B certified and is currently being rolled out at numerous airports across the world.

Western Advance will also have information on systems and solutions aimed at Critical Infrastructure Protection for high end Airport Security and Surveillance.

  • Command and Control Systems
  • Security and Surveillance Systems
  • Perimeter Radar System
  • Communication Systems
  • Security Screening Technology

PERIN Exhibitor profile

Perin GeneratorsPERIN PERIN was founded by Mr. Perin Diotisalvi: the small company produced generating sets, motor welders and motor pumps.

In the space of few years, the company developed and specialized in planning and building generating sets of ever-bigger power outputs. In time, the small company became an important and well-known industry partner, with thousands of installa¬tions all over the world.

At present, the company has an annual production of around 3000 generating sets, with a range covering outputs from 2 to 12.000 KW. PERIN also make cogeneration plants, diesel, gas and biogas generation sets.

Production takes place in three European factories, which are di¬vided up by product type and controlled directly by the Italian factory, where speciality generating sets are bu¬ilt according to customer's order. Besides engineering staff, our Italian office houses the department for supply and transport, delivering customer service all over the world, and the sales department, which is further divided into six geographic areas.

For more information, visit PERIN's website at

BISA Exhibitor profile


BISA was officially registered and inaugurated in 2003 in Hong Kong, with a focus on the research and development of wireless and active RFID products for use in a broad range of applications, but particularly in logistics, surveillance and security, identity and labeling and asset tracking. BISA are now considered the most innovative producer of RFID solutions in the industry.

The following solutions are based on our RFID technology recently implemented include:

  • Document Tracking system
  • Railway Temperature Monitoring Solution
  • Hospital System
  • Smart Cart Tracker System

The Smart Cart Tracker System is a customized solution used in airport dolly cart management. The tracker system consists of a RFID container tag, reader and GPS web server for tracking location. Operated by solar energy, the system integrates GPS, RFID and GPRS for tracking the asset. The solution is reliable and determines the positioning of a load or luggage during movement and transportation precisely and in real time. It offers passenger and the airport the most convenient, real time control of the goods under airport management, for improved efficiency, operation workload and prevention of lost items.

ThyssenKrupp Exhibitor profile

Thyssen KruppThyssenKrupp

ThyssenKrupp has 150,000 employees in over 80 countries. With our engineering expertise we enable our customers to gain an edge in the global market.

ThyssenKrupp Elevator manufactures passenger/freight elevators, escalators/walkways and stair/platform lifts. Our ThyssenKrupp Elevator companies in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt and distributors provide installation, modernization and service packages tailored to customer requirements throughout the entire Middle East. Every day millions of people reach their destinations faster, more comfortably and more safely thanks to our passenger transportation systems. Our complete range of products provides a high reliability solution to accelerate passengers reaching their destinations in advance at airports throughout the World.

ThyssenKrupp Airport Systems develops, manufactures, installs, operates and maintains tailor-made passenger boarding bridges meeting successfully the individual clients' needs, focusing on quality and precision. Passenger Boarding Bridges from ThyssenKrupp Airport Systems are the outcome of decades of experience in the airport equipment industry. More than 4,000 units installed at airports around the world are proof that the market appreciates ThyssenKrupp Airport Systems' superior quality and technology. Its expertise allows to successfully handling projects no matter their size or characteristics: projects range from a single Royal Bridge in Jeddah, to more than 123 bridges in Dubai.

Parsons Exhibitor profile


Founded in 1944, Parsons is an engineering, construction, technical, and management services firm with revenues of $3 billion in 2012. We conquer the toughest logistical challenges and deliver design/design-build, program/construction management, and other professional services packaged in innovative alternative delivery methods to federal, regional, and local government agencies, as well as to private industrial customers worldwide. Parsons is a leader in many diversified markets with a focus on transportation, environmental/infrastructure, and defense/security.

We have spent almost half a century honing strategies that best serve the aviation market because we understand the challenges airport owners and operators face and the expectations of the general public's desire for a safe and pleasant travel experience. Our skill in designing and constructing more than 400 airports in 34 countries has allowed us to grow along with the industry, putting us in the unique position to build facilities that meet the operational needs of the airport on schedule and within budget.

Parsons offers innovative solutions to help the customer manage its programs, save money, advance operations, and remain on schedule. Our ability to work around a project's challenges through innovative planning and design gives airports the freedom to make the improvements they require. We eliminate our customer's pressing concerns by providing built-in strategies that meet future growth now. For more about our aviation capabilities, please visit our Aviation Brochure online.

BEMO Exhibitor profile

BEMOBemoBemo USA WLL as a leading worldwide manufacturer and installer of architectural metal roof and façade systems is delighted to be exhibiting at Airport Exchange 2013 and have the opportunity afforded to inform a wider audience of their association with the soon to be opened world-class Hamad International Airport.

The Company in collaboration with the Hamad Airport architects, engineers and contractors has designed, supplied and installed the world's largest stainless steel roof, incorporating the first architectural application for alloy AL2003, chosen for its superior corrosion resistance in comparison with industry standard stainless steel alloys such as 316.

The Bemo stand is accessed via striking arched Bemo panels and will showcase many other possibilities for roofs and facades including Bemo's patented "monro", produced by the worlds most advanced curving and tapering machine. Visitors to the stand can view Bemo panel mock-ups in different metals and finishes, including the AL2003 with InvariMatte finish used for Hamad International Airport and aluminium panels with special "Flon" coating system for durability and low maintenance. There will also be Bemo's "MonoSky" translucent roof system, which is a unique combination of perforated Bemo metal panels and polycarbonate for light transmittance.

In addition to the Bemo products on show, the Company has a full "in-house" design service, with BIM capability and extensive experience of 3D modeling software such as "Rhino" and "Revit" to assist designers.

Airport Research Center GmbH Exhibitor profile

arcArcAirport Research Center GmbH (ARC) is an independent global provider of professional airport planning and decision support services aiming to optimize investments and reduce operational costs.

The worldwide leading CAST 3D airport simulation software developed and distributed by ARC, comprises simulation-, planning- and optimization systems for pedestrian, vehicle and aircraft traffic to model processes of landside, terminal, airside and airspace.

ARC's services and products range from airport planning & design, capacity assessment & simulation, aviation market analysis & demand forecasting to expert consulting in strategy development.

The international clients include airports, airlines, ground handling companies, authorities, research organizations and planning and consulting companies.

ARC's exhibition highlights at ACI Airport Exchange 2013 include:

  • The latest software developments of CAST Terminal, CAST Aircraft and CAST Vehicle
  • Case studies and sample projects on CAST terminal and airside simulation: terminal and airside development validation, security process design, capacity investigations, resource allocation, equipment planning...

In addition, Mrs. Uta Kohse, managing partner at Airport Research Center, will give a presentation on "LIFTING LIQUIDS REGULATIONS - How to avoid capacity crash at security checkpoints" on 13/11/2013 at 13:30-15:00h.

Looking forward to meeting you in Doha at booth no. 67!

Web address:

Airport Research Center GmbH Exhibitor profile

castCastAirport Research Center GmbH (ARC) is an independent global provider of professional airport planning and decision support services aiming to optimize investments and reduce operational costs.

The worldwide leading CAST 3D airport simulation software developed and distributed by ARC, comprises simulation-, planning- and optimization systems for pedestrian, vehicle and aircraft traffic to model processes of landside, terminal, airside and airspace.

ARC's services and products range from airport planning & design, capacity assessment & simulation, aviation market analysis & demand forecasting to expert consulting in strategy development.

The international clients include airports, airlines, ground handling companies, authorities, research organizations and planning and consulting companies.

ARC's exhibition highlights at ACI Airport Exchange 2013 include:

  • The latest software developments of CAST Terminal, CAST Aircraft and CAST Vehicle
  • Case studies and sample projects on CAST terminal and airside simulation: terminal and airside development validation, security process design, capacity investigations, resource allocation, equipment planning...

In addition, Mrs. Uta Kohse, managing partner at Airport Research Center, will give a presentation on "LIFTING LIQUIDS REGULATIONS - How to avoid capacity crash at security checkpoints" on 13/11/2013 at 13:30-15:00h.

Looking forward to meeting you in Doha at booth no. 67!

Web address:

Safegate Exhibitor profile

SafegateSafegateThe main objective for Safegate Group is to provide the airport industry with efficient solutions for more and safer aircraft movements. The aviation industry is expected to grow by 20% over the next five years, and will involve major investments of airports worldwide. Safegate Group's SafePerformance concept offers a fully integrated airport that includes solutions covering ever need from an aircraft's approach to its departure, including solutions for the gate, airfield and tower area. With SafePerformance Safegate Group helps its customers form closer links between the different parts of the airport, and make sure the airfield, gate and tower systems – and people – work in a more efficient way. This way, the airport gets more efficient as daily operations get safer. Safegate Group provides customers with the benefits of using one vendor to future-proof an airport. With the largest product portfolio and operational knowledge on the market, Safegate Group offers an excellent combination of cutting edge technology and experience. As a result, customers receives one accountable entity for management, economy of scale and regulatory compliance that takes them all the way from project start to finish.

Safegate Group solutions have been sold to more than 1 000 airports around the world for more than 40 years. Safegate Group is a global company with headquarters in Malmö, Sweden, and representatives in more than 70 countries in order to be close to its customers.

The Airport Exchange 2014 Floor Plan

Airport Exchange 2012 Floor plan

Airport Exchange 2012 Floor plan

Stand Packages

  • 9m² - 2 stand personnel places
  • 18m² - 3 stand personnel places
  • 27m² - 3 stand personnel places
  • 36m² - 4 stand personnel places
  • 54m² - 5 stand personnel places
  • 72m² or above - 6 stand personnel places

Includes shell scheme, electricity, carpet and lighting.

Contact us to book your stand


"There has been a very good mix of regulatory figures, airports and commercial industry representatives present, and the whole event has been extremely productive – there’s been good networking, good interaction and very good presentations. The Chairman of Qatar Civil Aviation Authority actually stopped by our stand, and we showed him our equipment, so it was a great introduction to the leadership in this nation. We hope that the show will create a few new opportunities for us here."

Eric Zanin, Vice President and General Manager Security Systems, Analogic

"We have had even more interest and visitors to our stand than we expected – people from airports, from authorities from a lot of different countries – it’s been quite amazing. We have met a lot of people that might become potential customers; we’re very happy."

Jorge Menéndez Marqués, Branch Manager, ThyssenKrupp:

"It is very important for suppliers like us to come to the show. First of all it is an opportunity to show what we have done, to showcase our solutions – especially in this specific location – and also to meet and catch up with our clients."

Klaus Toftgaard Spens, Managing Director, BEUMER Group

"The arrangement of Airport Exchange this year has been especially good. The fact that the breaks took place the exhibition area led to a lot of discussions, and allowed us to build a lot of contacts and do some great networking. There are so many interesting themes in the conference too – it is a shame that you cannot go to every presentation at once."

Hans Zirwes, Vice President International Sales, Smiths Detection

Five reasons to exhibit at Airport Exchange

Generate new business and contacts across Europe and Asia

With over 2,000 decision-makers expected to attend Airport Exchange from Europe & Asia, this event will bring together an audience of airport and airline management staff offering new business opportunities to suppliers working across all areas of the airport business.

Maintain your customer portfolio

Meeting and reinforcing your relationship with existing clients will help prevent your competitors from taking your business. The networking village of showcasing companies combined with the social programme will provide a focused environment for you to consolidate and further develop your existing business relationships.

Build your brand and corporate visibility

Our event will give you an unrivalled opportunity to raise your profile, create awareness of your company and attract interest in your products and services. In addition to booking a space on the floor plan, we also have extensive sponsorship opportunities to further showcase your company and grab the attention of delegates before, during and after the show.

Enhance and develop relationships

The value of face-to-face relationships cannot be over-emphasised, especially in our current economic climate. Developing relationships can be time-consuming, but exhibiting at Airport Exchange can give you access to all tiers of air transport management in one place, making this a highly cost-effective way to generate business.

Work with the leading airport association

ACI is the only worldwide professional association of airport operators. ACI, headquartered in Montreal, is a non-profit making organisation representing over 1,530 airports in 175 countries and territories worldwide.

To be part of this exciting exhibition please contact:

Alternatively click here to fill out an enquiry form and we will contact you.


ACI Airport Exchange 2012 was hosted by the Schiphol Group in Amsterdam and was a major international success with over 2,000 participants. Please view these video reports below to get a good flavour of what happened at the show.

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