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Why Paris

Conference programmes soon to be announced - in the meantime take a look at the 2013 conference programmes to give you an indication of the breadth of topics addressed and calibre of speakers.

The Airport Operations Conference
Airport Exchange 2013, Delivered in partnership by ACI EUROPE and ACI Asia-Pacific, Qatar National Convention Centre, November 11-13th

Conference Theme Announced:

"Beyond Airports 2020: Driving efficiency to create needed capacity with Europe and Asia's airport networks"

This conference will assess how technology initiatives and management strategies can effectively deal with crisis and disruption, and enhance safety whilst facilitating growth for the airport industry beyond 2020.

SPONSORED BY: Fondazione 8


Discussing not only the development but also the impact of innovative progression in relation to Airport Operations has always been top of the conference agenda, last year's Airport Operations the keynote was delivered by Marc Hanny, COO, Airbus Prosky.

Topics to be covered:

  • Implementing A-CDM worldwide and looking ahead to sharing real time intelligence for both the airside and the terminal to deliver a more effective total airport management approach
  • Can airports help airline's to reduce their impact on climate change?"
  • Safety Developments and dealing with crisis situations
  • What could airport operations look like beyond 2020, and what will be the role of airports within an integrated seamless global airspace network?

Tuesday 12 November 2013

09.00 – 10.00

Keynote Arena

Keynote Addresses in main hall for all conference delegates

Welcome Addresses:

  • ACI EUROPE Olivier Jankovec,
    Director General,
  • ACI Asia-Pacific Patti Chau,
    Regional Director,

Keynote Address:

Beyond 2020 intensive competition will mean only exceptional service and quality will differentiate the world's greatest airlines and hubs. How will Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport rise to the challenge?

  • DohaAshish Jain,
    Senior Vice President Group Safety & Security,
    Qatar Airways and Doha International Airport

10.00 - 11.00 - Official Exhibition Opening and Coffee Break

11.00 - 11.45

Opening Session

Welcome Address:

  • ACI EUROPE Luc Laveyne,
    Senior Adviser for ATM,
    Eurocontrol Relations ACI EUROPE

Keynote Address

Championing the role of airports as ground coordinators

  • Normand Boivin,
    Chief Operating Officer,
    Heathrow Airport

11.45 – 13.00

First Working Session
What could airport operations look like beyond 2020, and what will be the role of airports within an integrated seamless global airspace network?


  • Brett Patterson,
    Director of Airside Operations,
    Vancouver Airport Authority and Chairman, of the ACI World Safety & Technical Standing Committee

Panel with 5-minute presentation from each to set the scene


  • Thomas Brehmer,
    Director of Air Traffic Management, Hochtief AirPort(LVNL)
  • Michael Underwood,
    Director Business Development,
  • Joseph Suidan,
    Head of Ground Operations,
  • Kevin Keniston,
    Long Term Concepts Manager,
  • Henning Pfisterer,
    Senior Manager Safety and Airside Operations,
    Doha International Airport
  • John Swift,
    Middle East Director,

Questions to consider:

  • Should airports play the role of ground coordinator?
  • How extensive will the use of remote towers be in the future?
  • Will all major airports use AOCCs?
  • Will Electric Green Taxiing Systems be the norm beyond 2020?
  • Will all airside vehicles be battery powered and driverless?
  • Will all airports use A-CDM within 10 years?

13.00 – 14.15 - Networking Lunch on the exhibition floor

14.15 – 15.45

Second Working Session
Safety developments and dealing with crisis situations


  • David McMillan,
    Flight Safety Foundation

A new runway safety concept devised by Brussels Airport

  • Dirk Geukens,
    Safety Manager,
    Brussels Airport

Addressing critical safety issues

  • Guillaume Auquier,
    Deputy Director SES,
    Aéroports de Paris

Conclusions from the new European Action Plan on the Prevention of Runway Excursions

  • Paul Adamson,
    Head of Airports,

Developments in improving safety culture at airports

  • Pär Prahl,
    Deputy Safety Manager
    Copenhagen Airport

Special presentation: How the ACI APEX in Safety program is leveraging technical assistance and knowledge to improve airport safety worldwide

  • Arturo Garcia,
    Assistant Director – Facilitation and Airport IT,
    ACI World

15.45 - 16.30 - Coffee Break on the exhibition floor

16.30 – 17.30

Keynote Arena

Keynote Arena for all delegates

An Airport Leaders Discussion

The emergence of competitive major airlines and hubs has been a highly positive development for the Middle East, providing the gateways for modern inbound tourism, and creating vast choice for global travellers.

Discussion with leaders from the region, and beyond, will explain how this will play out beyond 2020 with reference to:

  • Competition between the Middle East hubs – and with hubs in Europe and elsewhere
  • New aircraft types
  • Passenger experience
  • The impact of technology
  • The importance of environmental considerations in consumer choice andFwelcome
  • facilitating growth
  • The paramount advantages of unquestioned safety and security
  • Quality and customer service
  • The exceptional importance of retail attraction both at the airport and onboard


  • DohaPatrick Muller,
    Executive Vice President,
    Doha International Airport
  • Tan Sri Bashir,
    Managing Director and CEO,
    Malaysia Airports & President, ACI Asia-Pacific
  • Arnaud Feist,
    Chief Executive Officer,
    The Brussels Airport Company

End of Day

Wednesday 13 November 2013

09.00 – 10.00

Keynote Arena

Keynote Addresses in main hall for all conference delegates

How has the new low-cost carrier terminal "klia2", which will be the world's largest lcc facility, been designed to ensure it will be fit for purpose in the many years it will be used beyond 2020, and what have been the lesson learned during its development?

  • Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad,
    Managing Director and CEO,
    Malaysia Airports

Inspiration from the NGO behind the world's first intercontinental flight in a solar-powered plane.

  • Bertrand Piccard,
    Solar Impulse

10.00 – 10.45 - Coffee Break on the exhibition floor

10.45 - 12.00

Joint session

Third Working Session
Can airports help airlines to reduce their impact on climate change?

Joint session with the Airport Development and Environment Conference


  • Dr. Panagiotis Karamanos,
    Senior Environmental Expert,
    EU-India Civil Aviation Cooperation Project

Following opening remarks by the Chairman we will get statements addressing the session topic question from each speaker which will be followed by Q&A and discussion with the audience, and then a conclusion from the Chairman.


  • Jonas van Stekelenburg,
    Managing Director – theGrounds,
    Schiphol Group
  • Jonathan Counsell,
    Head of Environment,
    British Airways
  • Darrin Morgan,
    Director – Sustainable Aviation Fuels Strategy,

12:00 - 12:15 Special Presentation

SESAR – Partnering with Airports for Improved Aviation System Performance

  • Fiona McFadden,
    Advisor to the Executive Director,

12.15 – 13.30 - Networking Lunch on the exhibition floor

13.30 - 15.00

Joint session

Fourth Working Session
Future Strategies for dealing with network operations, training, emergencies and unique occurrences

Joint session with the IT, Facilitation and Customer Service Conference

    Implementing A-CDM worldwide and looking ahead to sharing real time intelligence for both the airside and the terminal to deliver a more effective total airport management approach


  • Paul Adamson,
    Head of Airports,

A worldwide perspective on the implementation of A-CDM

  • David Booth,
    Airport CDM Implementation Manager,

Understanding the business case for Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) in Asia

  • Velissarios Eleftheriou,
    Aeronautical Strategy Manager,
    Dubai Airports

Lessons learned from full implementation of A-CDM in Europe

  • Peter Schmitz,
    Executive Director Operations,
    Fraport AG

How is Avinor approaching operational procedures and management across the network to deliver these benefits?

  • Cluj Airport Flemming Hølvold,
    Portfolio Manager Airport Terminal Systems,

End of Day


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