Airport Security & Crisis Management Summit

Airport Security Summit

Security is, of course, the first priority of all airports. The Airport Security Summit brings together key stakeholders from across the industry, including airports, regulators, security agencies and solution providers. Alongside examples of clear and present best practice, a key focus this year is on future-proofing airport security by adapting to new threats, as the industry strives for a seamless, secure, safe passenger journey.

The 2018 conference agendas are currently being developed. Meanwhile, please find below the 2017 conference programme, which provides insight into the quality of the speakers and the key areas of focus.

Wednesday 6th December - Day 1

09:00 - 10:00

Welcome Addresses in the Keynote Arena

(For all delegates)

Welcome from the Host


Sheikh Aimen Ahmed Al Hosni


Oman Airports Management Company

State of the Industry Address

Director General

Olivier Jankovec

Director General


Welcome from ACI Asia-Pacific

Regional Director

Patti Chau

Regional Director

ACI Asia-Pacific

10:00 - 10:45
Official exhibition opening & coffee break

10:45 - 12:30

Global Leaders Masterclass: Part I

(For all delegates)

Airport chiefs from across the Middle East region come together to discuss key market, operational, and developmental forces driving change.


Managing Director

George Karamanos

Managing Director

KPI Aviation Marketing Solutions

Global Leaders:

“Growing gateways to beauty and opportunity:” OAMC’s five-year strategic plan. The OAMC’s five-year strategy sets out the purpose, vision and mission for the company and outlines the strategic roadmap to support achieving the national objective of diversifying the economy by establishing a strong aviation sector. The central focus of Strategy2020 between 2016-2020 is to open new Muscat Airport, to strengthen Muscat as a Hub Airport in the region and to foster Salalah, Sohar and Duqum Airport as a touristic and business trade destination. OAMC is using this strategy by actively living the company’s purpose to grow Oman’s gateways to beauty and opportunity by connecting Oman to the rest of the world, thereby contributing to prosperity and well-being of the Sultanate of Oman and its people.


Sheikh Aimen Ahmed Al Hosni


Oman Airports Management Company

In order to maintain its “focus on high growth regions which enable TAV to outpace global trends and European counterparts” is TAV looking to step-up its “smart growth” strategy, in particular in terms of increasing “acquisition opportunities” and growing the contribution of TAV service companies?

President and CEO

Dr Sani Şener

President and CEO

TAV Airports

Just a brief disruption for a disruptor? How optimistic is Hamad International Airport that it can both maintain its position, and then re-grow after the current political situation subsides? World Cup 2022: how does the hosting of this major event translate into a lasting dividend for a hub airport?

Chief Operating Officer

Badr Mohammed Al Meer

Chief Operating Officer

Hamad International Airport

12:30 - 13:45
Lunch break

13:45 - 15:15

Security Leaders’ Symposium (with special reference to Aviation Security Assistance and Capacity Building Strategy and the Development of State Improvement Plans)

First Working Session


David Ryder

Head of Aviation Security


Defining Presentations:

The current threat and risk environment demands that aviation security remain among the highest of priorities for States and the global international community. This opening presentation will set the scene by providing a global view of security threats and challenges, and the work being undertaken by ICAO, States and Industry relating to the strengthening the implementation of standards, audit, oversight and capacity building

Sylvain Lefoyer

Deputy Director, Aviation Security and Facilitation, Air Transport Bureau


Defining Presentation from an EU Perspective

Henrik Hololei

Director General DG Move

European Commission


Dave Gordner

TSA Attaché to the European Union

Transportation Security Administration

Wilfried Covent

Chair, ACI EUROPE Aviation Security Committee and Senior Security Expert

Brussels Airport Company

Ian Gilchrist

Head, Aviation Security Unit

Qatar Civil Aviation Authority

Jennifer Sullivan

Director, Corporate Safety and Security

Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Alaudeen Al Ali

Senior Security Manager

Oman Airports Management Company

15:15 - 16:00
Coffee break

16:00 - 17:30

Risk assessment and management: The Insider Threat

Second Working Session


John Lamond

General Manager, Safety, Security & Business Continuity

Airport Authority Hong Kong


Understanding and mitigating the risk of insider threats in an airport environment. Many airports have focused their security efforts in strengthening the passenger and baggage screening processes. However, in the current globalized terrorist arena, addressing the complex risks posed by insider threats is crucial to ensure the integrity of a holistic airport security system, the safety of passengers and the continuity of aviation operations. This presentation deliberates on the nature of the different risks posed by insiders, and considers different approaches for curbing this type of threat. 

Jose Mendes

Senior Advisor - Safety, Security & Regulatory Affairs

Bahrain Airport Company

Is it time to reboot aviation security? “We must change the balance and shift to investing in the personnel behind our airport operations. We have enough sophisticated technology, we must now invest in people.”

Daniel Burkard

Deputy Airport Director

Moscow Domodedovo Airport

Introduction to the Aviation Insider Threat Recognition and Prevention – AITRAP – co-funded by the Internal Security Fund of the European Union

Catherine Piana

Director General


Thursday 7th December - Day 2

09:00 - 10:30

Global Leaders Masterclass: Part II

Part II

Airport chiefs come together to discuss key market, operational, and developmental forces driving change.


Managing Director

George Karamanos

Managing Director

KPI Aviation Marketing Solutions

Global Leaders:

Drawing on the extensive regional and international expertise of its shareholders in airport operation and construction, Airport International Group has invested nearly $1 billion in the rehabilitation of Queen Alia International Airport facilities through two phases opening in 2013-16. Have these developments had the desired effect with airline customers and travellers? The corporate plan “to increase capacity even further to 16 million passengers” would represent a doubling in traffic. How does AIG aim to achieve this?

CEO Airport International Group

Kjeld Binger

CEO Airport International Group

Operator of Queen Alia International Airport

Explain the scope and timescale of the Delhi Airport Expansion and the recently announced “greenfield airport” at Mopa in North Goa. Besides Hyderabad Airport, GMR also operates Cebu International Airport, Philippines, and has been selected to develop, operate and manage the new airport serving Heraklion in Greece. What is expectation of these overseas investments and what is the future vision for GMR’s place in the world of major airport groups?

CEO - Corporate

P S Nair

CEO - Corporate

GMR Airport Developers Ltd

Bahrain’s $1bn Airport Modernization Program has the aim of elevating the airport’s infrastructure and services in line with the highest levels of safety, security, technology and environmental standards.” In what way will the new terminal meet these goals? The new BIA facilities will offer enough capacity for 50% growth on current levels – what is the growth strategy?


Mohamed Yousif Al Binfalah


Bahrain Airport Company

10:30 - 11:00
Coffee break

11:00 - 12:30

Airports and cybersecurity – united? proactive? prepared? Or none of the above?

Third Working Session


John McCarthy

Cyber Security Expert



The SITA Community Cyber Threat Center (CCTC), launched in 2017, is working to support a community-wide response by promoting the proactive and timely exchange of cyber threat information between its members. How is it helping airports to better detect, analyse, respond, and report on cybersecurity incidents?

Maliha Rashid

Head of Cybersecurity - Middle East, India and Africa


The 10th edition of ICAO’s Annex 17 – Standards and Recommended Practices for international aviation security – became applicable in August and contains new standards on cybersecurity. How will this help airports, and how widely and quickly are the new recommendations likely to be adopted?

Sylvain Lefoyer

Deputy Director, Aviation Security and Facilitation, Air Transport Bureau


In June, Kiev Boryspil Airport was severely affected by a global cyber-attack. How serious were the consequences? Was safety comprised? How quickly did Boryspil recover, and what measures were put in place to prevent a repeat attack?

Dmytro Verbovskyi

Head of IT

Boryspil International Airport State Enterprise

12:30 - 13:30
Lunch Break

13:30 - 14:45

Future-proofing security for the next, unexpected threats

Fourth Working Session


Nina Brooks

Head, Security

ACI World


Advancing the concept of the contactless passenger journey, Vision-Box has introduced the biometric Seamless Gateway concept in collaboration with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. What are the next steps in the roll-out of this “single token” move to make passenger experience and border control fully non-stop?

Antonio Cruz

Chief Technology Officer


Managing the human dimension of real and perceived active threat situations: Recent terrorist events have seen huge volumes of data coming in via social media, the failure of traditional communications channels versus public expectation for timely communication, and airport personnel impacted as they are asked to stay at the airport and lead a response.  This paper is a review of the lessons learned from the 2017 Ft. Lauderdale Shooting, the mass evacuations triggered by false alarms at LAX and JFK, combined with new data, based upon the broad use of technology to manage all of the communications across Texas and the Houston-area airports after Hurricane Harvey.

Michael Cardarelli

Director, Transportation Practice


An extensive add-on to the ‘single token’ environment: Bringing together the needs of airports, airlines, and immigration services as never before, FlyToGate promises speedy and accurate interaction at each touch point, combined with the power to analyse passenger data movement – a unique system catering to governments, private airports and airlines.

Fabrice Godeau

Managing Director


Defend the claim: “Airports around the world are looking to modernise legacy Computed Tomography (CT) scanning technology and implement real-time tomography for hold baggage screening.  This innovative solution to security screening has proven to lower operational costs, increase throughput and security, and better equip airports for their future needs.

Ken Mann

Senior Director Product Management, EDS

Rapiscan Systems

The future for air cargo security – the TSA Case study: Last month Smiths Detection’s IONSCAN 600 became the first explosives trace detection system to be ‘Approved’ on the TSA Air Cargo Screening Technology List (ACSTL). Introduced in 2016, the ACSTL standards require significantly higher levels of explosives detection capability. IONSCAN 600, which can detect minute quantities of explosives, as well as narcotics such as fentanyl, will also soon be evaluated for trace detection at US airport checkpoints.

Joachim Petry

Capability Manager Air Cargo Screening

Smiths Detection

14:45 - 15:15

Keynote Finale

In the Keynote Arena

Keynote speaker

Extending Airport Capacity with Hyperloop 

With speeds 2-3 times faster than high-speed rail, Hyperloop offers an opportunity to link regional airports with inter-airport transport times comparable to terminal transfers, as well as connect the airport with urban centers. How will the Hyperloop impact commercial considerations for future airport planning and development, and what are the plans for its introduction into the Middle East and India

Managing Director of Middle East and India

Harj Dhaliwal

Managing Director of Middle East and India

Hyperloop One

Oman’s first low-cost carrier plays an instrumental role within ASAAS’ tourism/transportation investment strategies, themselves a key component of Oman’s diversification agenda

CEO, Muscat National Development & Investment Company (ASAAS)

Sheikh Khalid bin Hilal Al Yahmadi

CEO, Muscat National Development & Investment Company (ASAAS)

Chairman, Salam Air

Endorsement from attendees of ACI Airport Exchange 2017:

KONE Elevators and Escalators
Oman Airports Management Company
One Works

All of the conferences were very interesting and the timings were perfect – it was just the right amount of time for each speaker and it was very engaging. The topics were also very relevant. Overall, I attended most of the sessions and I really liked them; we found very new concepts and new technologies.

Dalia Elbaltaji, Account Manager, SITA, and Laike Tafesse, Director Solution Design, Airport Solution Line - SITA

I attended the Security & Crisis Management Summit which was focused on inside threats and all of the speakers that I heard were focusing on the matter and were giving very nice suggestions for the future. The level was very high and met my expectations for sure.

Massimo Bonechi, Defence Security & Transportation Direction - Thales

The whole organisation behind the event was great and I particularly enjoyed the fact that there were different sessions of the conference. It is interesting because sometimes you tend to think that something might not be of your core interest but it turns out to be. And also, I really enjoyed the networking and in general coming together with the people from the industry.

Peder Beausang, Corporate Crisis Manager, Corporate Security and Safety - Swedavia

Discussions in the conference sessions have been very engaging, with a lot of interaction between the speakers and the audience. The networking has been excellent – I am pleased with the good contacts we have made both regionally and internationally.

Tuukka Pakkala, Head of Global Escalator Offering - KONE Elevators and Escalators

It has been a very big event, with lots of exhibitors and a very high standard of organisation. Overall, I am amazed at the quality of ACI Airport Exchange.

Mohamed Al Husaini, CEO Office Manager - Oman Airports Management Company

ACI Airport Exchange has been excellent. It has been very well attended, the conference sessions have been interesting, and there has been a good level of engagement between participants.

Giulio De Carli, Founder and Managing Partner - One Works