National Aviation Services (NAS)

NAS is the fastest growing aviation services provider in the emerging markets with a presence in more than 40 airports, handling seven of the top 10 airlines, managing over 40 airport lounges and with more than 8,000 employees across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

NAS offers ground handling solutions, airport technologies, fixed base operations, terminal management, aviation training, travel solutions, lounge management as well as meet and assist services.

Following international aviation standards, NAS is one of the first ground handlers in the world to obtain the ISAGO certification.

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What makes your products / services stand out?

NAS is a company from the emerging markets, for the emerging markets. With an understanding of local challenges unique to the regions and the strengths it possesses, NAS successfully blends local requirements with global standards.

This also makes the company more willing to take risks and work comfortably in challenging environments. NAS has built a presence and developed operations in countries where there are several obstacles – ranging from poor infrastructure, little to no government investments, etc.

Experience, expertise and ability to grow ancillary services, revenues and implement airport technologies as well as resource management systems that ensure improve efficiency and profitability makes NAS attractive to airports.

Being a privately owned, non-government provider of aviation services, NAS is quick in decision making and execution and are not restricted by public sector bureaucracy.

With a diverse employee base of 8,000 coming from over 65 nationalities, we are well versed with multiple cultures across the world.

Overall, NAS also invests heavily into infrastructure development and technology implementation and are keen on hiring local talent and provide them with the required training to help them build careers in the aviation sector.

What brings you to the EXPO this year?

NAS has a strong presence in the Middle East region with its headquarters in Kuwait and a significant ground handling market share along with cargo, lounges, meet and assist as well offering as training, technology and travel solutions. In UAE, NAS operates the VIP Terminal at the Abu Dhabi Airport and has recently been awarded the contract for development of Midfield Terminal Building Lounge in a joint venture with Airport Dimensions. As we grow our footprint in the region, we are keen to highlight our experience and expertise to the attendees at the EXPO.

Why should visitors come to your stand and what can they expect to see?

NAS is a unique company with a whole range of solutions for the aviation industry. We combine the best of all worlds, offering our stakeholders high quality products and services coupled with on the ground experience and expertise. World class lounges, unique meet and assist services, latest technology solutions for airports and airlines, strong ground handling capabilities and cargo management all are a part of our forte and will be showcased at the event. We also offer a sneak peak of our new lounge at the upcoming Midfield Terminal Building, Abu Dhabi.

Which technology or trend do you think will have the biggest impact on the air transport industry in 2019?

Technology has been a strong trend in the aviation industry this year. For ground handling which has several passenger touch points, this includes digitization, biometrics and artificial intelligence. Several examples of digitization can be found at NAS that include turnaround coordinator (TRC) tablets that assist with real time reporting of flight turnarounds. Biometrics for passenger processing combined with self-service technologies such as E-gates and baggage drops also look promising. In UAE itself Emirates successfully piloted the first biometric boarding as a part of its “biometric path”, which will offer its passengers a smooth and seamless airport journey at the airline’s Dubai International hub. With AI powered products such a chatbots and virtual assistants launched by several airports and airlines, this technology can be further utilized to revolutionize customer service and optimize efficiency.