Thursday 29th November 2018, 15:00 – 16:30 (transport for the tours leaves the Norway Convention Center at 14:00)

Tours only available to registered premium conference attendees.

Our host, Avinor, is a success story driven by innovation, the pinnacle of which is Oslo Airport’s expansion project, which opened in April 2017 concluding a €1.2 billion project. The multi-award winning terminal is a major success story for Avinor, who are responsible for 45 state-owned airports across Norway.

Avinor are proud to host four individual and tailored airport tours and delegates may choose to attend one of the following:


Winter Operations Airport Tour

Oslo Airport has approximately 6 months of winter weather. October throughout December often has challenges with ice, fog and freezing rain, whilst January through March sees heavy snowfall. Regardless of these challenges, Oslo Airport provides a high standard of regularity and punctuality. Included in this tour is a brief insight into how de-icing and winter operations are planned, executed and evaluated as well as a visit to a de-ice facility. If it is not snowing (and then operations must be prioritised!) delegates may also enjoy a tour to see Avinor’s fleet of equipment, including the world’s biggest self-propelled snowblower.


Terminal Tour

This tour will give an insight into the commercial operations of the terminal and Avinor’s focus on the passenger experience. Avinor Oslo Airport opened a new part of the terminal in 2017 with a new pier and the terminal tour will provide an insight into how architecture and technology play together in the new pier. This is a unique opportunity to visit the new part of the terminal without other passengers. The tour will be guided by experts assuring a high level of knowledge in the different themes.


Environmental Airport Tour

Avinor welcomes attendees to the Oslo Airport Environmental Tour. On this tour, attendees will get a unique look into some of the airports most innovative environmental solutions.


Digital Tour

See the world’s first fully operational remote passenger & baggage service, processing and decision-making system. This tour will give a full demonstration of a complete automated passenger journey: starting with arrival at the airport through to boarding.

Airport Exchange Video Highlights:

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