New possibilities for airports by Airbus

The Airbus Airport conference will take place on Tuesday 27 November 2018, as a stand-alone event ahead of the other scheduled Airport Exchange programmes in Oslo.

Theme: “New possibilities for airports by Airbus”

Exciting new markets Quieter, cleaner Aircraft Efficient use of airport capacity

Airbus Dedicated Conference

Airports are a crucial actor in the aviation ecosystem. Booming air travel demand on one hand and constraints on airport infrastructure growth on the other hand have thrown up new challenges that airports, airlines and aircraft manufactures have to address together. Increasing airport congestion stifling airline network expansion is a case in point. It is with this spirit that Airbus participates in ACI Airport Exchange 2018 and looks forward to an exciting exchange.

Key sessions will include:

  • A glimpse of exciting new markets and routes made possible by Airbus aircraft ranging from the unbeatably fuel efficient A220 and A320neo, to the new generation, lowest risk route opener A330neo, the world’s most modern widebody aircraft A350 XWB and finally the 600+ seater and passenger comfort leader A380.
  • How to balance air transport development trends with airport congestion, in which ways the Airbus aircraft can contribute to an efficient use of scarce airport/airfield capacity.
  • The presentation of an airport demand and capacity modelling app by Airbus plus a view on airport capacity evolution by invited speakers from airports from around the world.
  • How to minimise impact on environment and communities around airports with quieter, cleaner and more efficient aircraft.
  • How new ICAO regulation benefits airports in making better use of their facilities with more flexible aircraft integration into existing infrastructure.
  • What will the airport of the future look like thanks to innovative and digital solutions coming to the market.

Airbus Airport Devoted Conference Registration Information

ACI Airport Exchange premium pass holders will be able to attend the Airbus conference free of charge but must be pre-registered.

To register for the Airbus event only, there is a one-off charge of €220, this pass will include access to the Welcome Reception and the Airport Exchange exhibition.

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For further information please contact Rebecca Quinlan