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This year’s conference programmes to be launched summer 2017

About the conference

Security is, of course, the first priority of all airports. The Airport Security & Crisis Management Summit brings together key stakeholders from across the airport industry, including airports, airlines, regulators, security agencies and solution providers, to share examples of best practice and future strategies to safeguard against ongoing threats to aviation. The programme will combine relevant case studies with comprehensive analysis of current and emerging threats.

Meet and hear presentations from:

  • Airport Security Directors
  • Airline Security representatives
  • Government Regulators
  • Academic Researchers
  • Security technology providers

Key topics areas recently covered include:

  • “The groundbreaking Schiphol Security Experience”
  • Identifying personalities behind threats
  • The ethics of security
  • Front-line staff: customer-friendly and effective
  • Controlling and monitoring landside areas
  • Case studies: Brussels Airport diamond heist 2013
  • Cyber security
Kelly Hoggan
Kelly Hoggan
Assistant Administrator for the Office of Security Operations, TSA
Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon
Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon
Department for Transport UK
Clive Wright
Clive Wright
Head of International Strategy Team, Aviation Security Division, Department for Transport UK
Carlos Mestre Zamarreño
Carlos Mestre Zamarreño
Head of Unit European Commission, DG MOVE
Daan van Vroonhoven
Daan van Vroonhoven
Senior Manager Security Policy, Schiphol Group

This year’s conference programme to be launched summer 2017

“Future-proofing your airport: Delivering safer capacity and operational efficiency
through new technologies, great strategies, and partnerships”

Programme – Wednesday 9th December 2015

  • 09:00 – 10:00

    Welcome address and keynotes

    For all delegates

  • Official exhibition opening and coffee

    10:00 – 11:00

  • 11:00 – 12:30

    Welcome and keynote addresses

  • Lunch on the exhibition floor

    12:30 – 13:45

  • 13:45 – 15:15

    “The groundbreaking Schiphol Security Experience”

    A ‘deep-dive’ session, devoted to a single airport’s revolutionary security concept

  • Coffee on the exhibition floor

    15:15 – 16:00

  • 16:00 – 17:30

    Airport Security Leaders Symposium

    It’s all very well to have good design and great technology, but ultimately it’s all about the people: Strategies to make frontline staff both customer-friendly and effective

  • Gala Dinner

    19:00 – 23:00
Next day

Programme – Thursday 10th December 2015

  • 09:00 – 10:00

    Day Two Keynote Addresses

    For all delegates

  • Coffee on the exhibition floor

    10:00 – 10:45

  • 10:45 – 12:15

    First Working Session

    Identifying the personality behind the threat: An exploration of sources of modern terrorism

  • Lunch on the exhibition floor

    12:15 – 13:30

  • 13:30 – 15:00

    Second Working Session

    Controlling and monitoring landside areas: Ensuring there is no soft underbelly in airport security

  • 15:00 – 15:30

    Closing Keynote Address (for all delegates)

    What are the global competitive implications of combining the world’s biggest airport with ‘the largest airline on Earth’? Istanbul New Airport is also the first entirely tailor-made mega-hub – so will it also be a mega-carrier’s dream?

    Dr Temel Kotil

    Dr Temel Kotil

    General Manager and CEO
    Turkish Airlines
    Association of European Airlines

    Turkish AirlinesAssociation of European Airlines

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It is our first time at ACI Airport Exchange, although we have visited other shows in the US, and we will definitely be attending this show next year. We are a niche market with our greenEMAS solution, but the customers that have come by have been interesting and valuable.

Göran Felldin

This year has been very, very good. We’ve met many new customers, and we have also been able to learn about and see other new solutions and products in the market. Customers, airports and airlines have tried to learn more about our self-tagging products and we have been very pleased with not just the results, but also the venue, the location and the food. ACI Airport Exchange is very good for not only the external market, but also the internal market.

Borry Vrieling, Founder and Managing Director

It has been really good and we have made some very interesting and good contacts. At these kind of conferences and exhibitions it isn’t so much about the footfall – you only need one good contact to make it worth attending.

Liz Sian

The venue itself is pretty spectacular and there has been some really key players from different sectors in the market showcasing at the exhibition. The conference topics have been really great and relevant, particularly with İGA’s involvement and the focus on the new airport. We have had a very productive few days and people have been very open about their challenges, such as maximising airport infrastructure.

Nick Stevens, Senior Solution Architect

It has been very good – we’ve had many planned and unplanned meetings here and it has been a good show. We’ve attended ACI Airport Exchange four or five times, and it is the event that is on our list to attend every year.

Matthew Horsman

My time here has given me a better understanding about Turkish Airlines, and the new airport, which are areas that I am particularly interested in given that we provide construction and operation expertise to İGA, and it has provided some very valuable social opportunities.

Kwang Sik Song

I thought the conference sessions were really well organised and informative and the flow of the sessions have been organised very well. There have been lots of very interesting and relevant topics, and I haven’t been to any that are boring. People always question whether it is worth taking the time out of day jobs to attend conferences, and for me it absolutely has been worth it. Valuable connections, and very valuable information.

Tijen Cirig, Director, Airport Solutions

ACI always put on an incredible event and always offers fantastic networking opportunities, the conference and exhibition showcases the perfect balance between networking and meeting new people and customers.

Meric Döner

It has been a really good event and exhibition. It is the best of cultures between Europe and Asia, and of course with Turkey being one of the key drivers for aviation it is the right place and locations to do it, especially with the new airport. The most important part of the event is the exchange between Europe and Asia – even though aviation is a global business, the exchange between these two regions is very positive.

Pedro Alves, Business Development Manager

ACI Airport Exchange been very good and extremely well attended this year. I went to a couple of conference sessions, and I really enjoyed them. The sessions presented great information, particularly the keynote address with Dr Sani Şener, Member of the ACI Governing Board and CEO TAV Airports Holding and TAV Construction, and Mertol Genç, General Manager İGA Havalimanları. I have also thoroughly enjoyed the networking and social events.

LeeAnn Levesque, President and CEO

It has been an amazing event. It has been exceptionally well organised and on such a massive scale – the scale of the event matches the scale of the new Istanbul airport! It has been a wonderful showcase for İGA and Istanbul New Airport, and for delegates to learn about this new mega-hub. The social events and networking opportunities have been great as always, and the entertainment was outstanding. The exhibition was also very impressive, and well set out.

Johan Schölvinck, Vice-President Commercial

ACI Airport Exchange has been superbly organised, as always. I found the conference sessions very interesting, and it has been a fantastic forum for both learning and networking

Dr Rainer Schwarz, Managing Director

The conference sessions have been interesting, informative and contained diverse thoughts about the future. Most of the sessions I have attended have been based around security as this is the sector I work in. They have addressed all the things that airports are talking about, from contract management to security infrastructure and technology, and always connecting back to the passenger experience.

Kyile Whyte, Security Infrastructure & Equipment Manager

The conference sessions have been a very good source of exchange and experiences. There has been a good level of interaction between the speakers and the audience, which has allowed us all to share opinions. The networking opportunities have been fantastic, and really enjoyed the spectacular social events.

Florence Muls

It has been very interesting to hear from specialist speakers across the customer journey – it is clear that the value chain is becoming more aligned, and we are seeing more cooperation. The format of the conference sessions has worked very well, with a high level of debate and interaction with the audience. ACI Airport Exchange is also clearly very valuable in terms of networking opportunities.

Richard Jewsbury, Divisional Senior Vice President Projects

The event has been excellent and informative. I have found the conference sessions very interesting – there was lots of interaction and debate. The exhibition has been great, with a huge amount of companies to see. I have enjoyed the networking opportunities.

Daan Achmad, Director of Human Capital, General Affairs & IT